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May 21, 2013
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C: Sailor Gamma and her team by Toto-the-cat C: Sailor Gamma and her team by Toto-the-cat
Huge commission for the lovely :iconmadwon: - his OC Senshi team. :)
F.l.t.r.: Sailor Gamma, Sailor Omega, Sailor Zitta, Sailor Theta, Reena, Jenna.

I hope you like it, Madwon! Thanks so much for that challenging commission again! My hand feels like mousse now, but it's a good feeling. I had the sketch for this drawing done immediately after when I got the commission details... And yesterday I spent the whole day on the outlines and today on colouration. What a project! What feeling of completion and satisfaction!
Erm, and I hope you are okay with all the poses and face expressions, Madwon! As I already told you, I wanted edgy personalities with attitude and with telling the viewer that something is going on. Maybe some persons won't like Gamma's face, but personally like it a lot. I also tried to include her hands in Naoko-style in the pic, but that was too much and didn't fit. Same for the background.. I had sketched something like a spaceship and mini watchtower/ ISS thing already, but it looked either too crowded with the 5/ 6 girls or too lost and senseless in the whole thing and with the two planet-chans there. :XD: ...buuut I like how the flower frame comes out. I looove the colours of the flowers! :XD:
Aaaand I must say.... I find Reena smexy. :giggle: I think it's her trained body and the glasses. Not sure. :giggle: But ya.. I know that there are also some mistakes in the work. There will never be the perfect drawing, I guess. T^T

Love for Madwon's team, guys! This is the whole gang! :la:

Also enjoy other pics of the girls:

Time: 6-8h lining, 8-10h colouration
Materials: Copic Ciao, Shinhan Twin Touch, white gel pen, golden gel pen, white and yellow water ink, pastel chalk.
Disclaimer: Sailor Moon (c) Naoko Takeuchi, depicted charas (c) *Madwon.
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FreyaAbendstern Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2013
wow sieht wirklich wunderschön aus der blumenrahmen gefällt mir besonders gut
Shinwa-Tsuki Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2013
Very nice!
CM-Illustrations Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is incredible, Toto! Such an amazing amount of detail! :wow:
Personally, I love Gamma's face, she's gorgeous, and I especially love the floral border, it makes the picture that more elegant :heart:
I love the poses, and how different each of the characters look, and your backgrounds are always so amazing :love:
Computerinkt Featured By Owner May 23, 2013  Student Digital Artist
so beautiful ~ and so much detail :heart: ^^
MyoMeit Featured By Owner May 23, 2013   Traditional Artist
Amazing work!
So many different girls, each has its own unique personality, but none of them is clearly not the soloist at work. They are all equally main characters.
Linnzy Featured By Owner May 22, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow! their poses, the frame, the coloration...everything is so gorgeous!
PookElucy Featured By Owner May 22, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Wow, they all look amazing!! Especially the poses! :D
Sariusa Featured By Owner May 22, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It looks really beautiful!
Princess-Estrella Featured By Owner May 22, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
OMG, OMG, what a marvellous job again *-* !!!
SourisRune Featured By Owner May 22, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
wow, so cool :iconiloveyouplz:
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